Welcome to Catholichick, or Catholic-hick as some like to call it!

Catholichick began as the brainchild of a (somewhat) frustrated wife-mother-musician who takes her Roman Catholic faith seriously and so didn't quite "fit-in" with many of her fellow Catholics. With three of her friends, this idea has been slowly developing.

If you are tired of hearing Mass songs that sound like they were written for a campfire sing-along, altar servers who exude all the joy of someone having a root-canal, or a homily that was written to give everyone a taste of Eternity (without the Bliss), then this is the site for you!

Of course, this site is more than just a place to "gripe", it is really a place where from shared ideas and experiences (and some music), we can draw strength and hope in helping to bring the World to Christ. There are many fine Catholic sites and blogs on-line already, and this site is not meant to "compete" with them. The hope is that this site would become that "other place" where one can go to just be.

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