The four chicks behind Catholichick (Mary(number 1), Colleen, Lori, and Mary (number 2)), take their faith seriously, but also are not afraid to have fun. Each has 'interesting' life stories that has many bumps and beauties.

Their hope is that this venture on the Web will result in new connections for those, who like them, feel close to God and want to share the fruits of that closeness with others. There are many sites that do an excellent job of dealing with doctrine, Church practice, etc. (Father Z's site for example). Doctrinal correctness is, of course, essential and to the best of our ability will be maintained here as well.

This site is still undergoing development, and we ask your patience as we learn the ins and out of Web page development!

Feedback (through the e-mail addresses on the contact page for now) is welcome! Polite feedback even more so!

Peace in Christ,

Mary, Mary, Colleen, and Lori